Salmon/Steelhead River Charters

All river charters are ran out of our super wide and stable 20' Jet boat. Our boat is wide open, giving you all the room you need to fish comfortably and most importanly safetly!


King Salmon:

We offer salmon charters on the Pere Marquette River. Nothing pulls drag harder than a King Salmon in the River! These fish reach up to 30 lbs in Lake Michigan. We specialize in casting crankbaits, spinners, and fishing skein under bobbers with bait casters and centerpin reels. These trips require us to be on the water at daylight (This is prime time for salmon). We use high quality gear for Salmon and Steelhead in the River. We want you to have your best chance at landing one of these river monsters!

Months: End of August to early October.














We offer Steelhead charters on the Pere Marquette, Grand, and Muskegon rivers. Chasing steelhead in the river is my favorite type of fishing! There is nothing like watching a steelhead jump 5 or 6 times while at the end of your rod. We use high quality rods, reels, and tackle for this fishing. We will not sacrifice your success! We specialize in float (bobber) fishing and hot shotting (plugging). My favorite time to fish is the middle of winter when we might be the only boat on the river!   I keep a heater in the boat at all times to keep your hands warm between drifts. If you get cold from handling fish, we'll pull some plugs while you warm up infront of the heater!


Unlike most guides, we do not charge you for the terminal tackle you loose at the end of the trip. This is cheap in my opinion and loosing hooks is a part of steelhead fishing!


I have been centerpinning for over  10 years. If you want to learn how to fish a centerpin, now is your chance!

Starting time of trip depends on the fishing, sometimes we need to be on the water at daylight. In the wintertime, the best bite may be mid-morning/early afternoon when the water is warms a degree or two! We will try to pick the best time for fishing on certain days.

So when cabin fever starts, give us a call! The heater will be on high, and the fish will be waiting for us!

Months: Middle of October - 1st of April.

Finally he landed one today!
Pic from this weekend